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I would frame and hang these in my house in a heartbeat.

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do you ever wonder what would have happened if the dursleys had actually managed to hide harry’s identity from him until he turned 17

like dumbledore somehow lost track of them when vernon changed jobs or when they moved houses, and for some reason they just couldn’t find them again

and harry potter the boy who lived grew up attending typical schools and his friends knew that sometimes weird shit would happen around him, but they just thought it was a coincidence or that they were imagining it but slowly they all left him and he grew up even more isolated and angry and so he runs away at 16

and meanwhile voldemort knows harry ran away and that he is out there somewhere, vulnerable, but he’s not in the wizarding world, so his death eaters are wreaking havoc trying to find him

and harry obviously has magical talent but he doesn’t know that, but every child in hogwarts does and they’ve learned about him and now know that he’s just out there somewhere, completely unaware of what’s going to happen to him

and some kids it doesn’t bother, but for others like neville and hermione and luna and ron, it’s horrifying to think that this innocent person who should be in their year is going to be hunted down like this

so they decide to go find him before voldemort or the death eaters can

and harry is in a train station on his way to work and is converged upon by about six people who are trying their hardest to not freak out and tell him that he’s a wizard in grave danger, but they know they have such little time

so instead of the wizarding world finding harry at 11, it finds him at 16 and a half when it’s in a much darker, desperate place

i don’t know i just really like the idea of harry potter joining the wizarding world through a bunch of rebellious hogwarts dropouts hiding throughout england and running from enemies he didn’t know he had and learning magic along the way in dark alleys and through street fights

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Anonymous asked: The doctor will never be a woman. There are plenty of women in the show that are admirable role models. I think you're just full ofsh it. Stop pushing your american views onto Doctor Who, a BRITISH show, with BRITISH values. It's unbelievable how obnoxious and hypocritical feminists are, especially you third-wave feminists. Always spouting "equal rights" but, "Can't hit me, cause I'm a girl!" You probably won't respond to this because you know I'm right and the whovianfeminism stance is weak.



This was so beautiful that I had to put it up on my wall and examine it as if it were an exquisite piece of art. 


"Manpain" by Anonymous

Above we have a quintessential example of early 21st Century prose by an aggrieved man. The author of this piece is unknown, but we can surmise by his inability to properly say “shit” to a woman and his assurance that he likes “admirable” female characters that he is most likely a “Nice Guy.”

The anonymous author employs deliberate obtuseness in order to provoke a reaction from his audience. Notice how he pretends no British individual supports the idea of a woman portraying the Doctor, despite clear evidence to the contrary, even amongst actors who have portrayed the titular character on the show. Then there is the stunning self-centeredness regarding his perception of third wave feminism; he is only interested in equality it grants him the “right” to hit the women whose arguments make him so incoherently angry that he is unable to rationally reply.

His final challenge attempts to trap the reader. Do we respond and grant him the audience and validation he so desperately seeks, or do we ignore him and let him believe he has won? But perhaps we have a third option: to turn the focus back on him and examine how his comments display his deep insecurity in his own sense of masculinity, something he feels can only be reclaimed by challenging a girl on the internet to a fight and preemptively declaring victory because he fears he cannot engage with her on an intellectual level.

a work of goddamn art oh my god

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Eleven Questions Meme

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1. What is your favourite Dr. Seuss book?

Fox in Socks is the only one coming to mind right now. 

2. A movie everyone’s seen but you haven’t

…So many. I’ve somehow managed to not see the Avengers ever. Not sure if I can get scholarship money for that. 

3. Are there certain foods that should only be eaten during certain times of the year?

I feel weird about eating Terry’s Chocolate Oranges at times other than Christmas but I’ll still do it. On a related note, they need to bring in Creme Eggs all year round, not just for Easter. 

4. What’s the worst wedding theme you can think of?

Dentistry. Imagine a dentist themed wedding. 

5. Pancakes vs waffles vs french toast. Thoughts?

Not a fan of waffles, but yes to french toast. When I went to America I didn’t realise that pancakes were a bit different over there. Here they’re more like French crepes. 

6. What was your favourite outfit/piece of clothing when you were a kid?

I can only clearly remember all the really ugly 90s clothes my mum dressed me in. I had a pair of liquorice all-sort patterned dungarees, and some truly awful purple velour trousers.  

7. Your supervillian name, tragic backstory and evil plan?

The Cat Scratch. I was a peaceful cat lady until one day my 20 cats were confiscated by the local council because they were terrorising the neighbourhood. I am now bent on both their recovery and wrecking havoc on the population for disturbing my peace. 

8. A story you’d like to write but don’t think you could

So many. I want to write one right now that involves war in a contemporary setting and that’s really intimidating. 

9. How did you loose your first tooth?

Don’t remember. I did once find a small box full of my baby teeth though, that was creepy. 

10. If you could timetravel and tell one historical figure how they would be remember who would you choose?

Anne Boleyn, so I could also tell her that her daughter was the greatest sovereign Britain’s ever had and that Henry can suck it. 

11. What do you enjoy getting the most when back to school shopping?

New pencil-cases. And generally a load of paperclips and post-its I’ll never end up using. 

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1. Do you dip biscuits in hot drinks and are you good at judging when it’s about to disintegrate? 

2. Have you ever punched a wall? 

3. If you lived in a time before fast, safe travel methods, would you spend your whole life in the place where you grew up or venture out into the unknown?  

4. Would you write in a book or turn the pages down? 

5. Do you like the lyrics or the tune more in songs?

6. Did you have a film you watched constantly in childhood and have re-watched recently? How did it measure up compared to your memory of it?

7. Phone calls. Easy or hard? 

8. Ever sincerely fallen in love with a fictional character/celebrity/historical figure? 

9. Do you binge watch TV shows or try to ration yourself? 

10. If a family member asked you to give them an unconventional funeral would you do it, even if it was illegal, or comply with the regulations of the mortuary? 

11. Anything you’re disappointed hasn’t been invented yet? 

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Doctor Who: The Story of Martha

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Romanticized vs. Realistic

as a member of Scotland I can confirm





Romanticized vs. Realistic

as a member of Scotland I can confirm

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Orange Is The New Black cast attends the 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards

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Actual problems with feminism

- excluding POC, mogai, disabled and especially trans women

- ignoring issues that do not involve the U.S

- not realizing that feminism is for women to realize that they can do what they want and thrashing women who are feminine or wear religious attire

Not problems of feminism

- one teenage girl saying she hates men because 5 men catcalled her while walking home from school

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He lit a cigarette. His glass of whiskey lit a cigarette. “I can only truly love my dead best friend,” he said, “but not in a gay way. Women wouldn’t understand. They’re too gay.” Both of the cigarettes agreed.

— from Mallory Ortberg’s hilarious “Male Novelist Jokes.” (via coketalk)

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I thought this was so nice




I thought this was so nice


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